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Small area, maximum effect? Our high-quality and at the same time affordable advertising pylon solutions offer dozens of possible applications. Whether as an information board, advertising pylon or simply as a decorative element. Our steles are universally applicable.

And with a construction depth of only 5cm, the common, massive look of info steles is finally a thing of the past.

Whether as info stele or advertising stand, the stele is quick, effortless and tool-less to set up and can always be positioned in new places without effort.

Used as an advertising pylon, you can also position the stele freely in space. The info column can be equipped with printed panels on both sides. Due to the magnetic adhesion these can be exchanged within seconds if necessary.

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Digital signage Stele made easy:

All our advertising pylons can be easily extended as digital signage stele.  Here we discuss your individual requirements for your media stele to offer you an optimal solution. Should the monitor be installed horizontally or vertically in the media stele. Does your advertising pylon need a sound reproduction or not. Let us find out together which requirements you have for the Digital-Signage-Stele and implement them in the best possible way.

This will expand the possibilities of using our steles, for example as a kiosk terminal or digital advertising stele.


Tailored for every application:

Do you have to transport your Digital Signage Stele frequently? Maybe even in a car? Thanks to our two-part advertising stele, which you can easily unscrew in the middle without any tools, you can disassemble and leave it in no time.

Your advertising pylon will be positioned more or less fixed at your place? Then why not fall back on our one-piece solutions.

In order to adapt your info column individually to your needs, many elements are available for expansion. Whether shelf board, brochure holder, TV holder or LED lamps, the advertising pylon offers plenty of space for creativity.

Your desired extension is not listed with us? Please contact us with pleasure. Special solutions are a large part of our work with which we tailor your advertising pylon to your requirements.

Please call us and let us advise you free of charge and without obligation: 040/609 40 75-35


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