Fair emergency service

Is there a need at your trade fair or event?
Has a supplier let you down and or are the circumstances unexpectedly different than planned?
All regional suppliers are on the verge of closing time and can’t help anymore?

Get in touch!

At events there are many spontaneously occurring problems and you are pressed for time, because…

  • You need an exhibition stand, preferably yesterday
  • You need carpet spontaneously, possibly including laying
  • You need additional running meters of exhibition wall
  • Your printed items, business cards, flyers, have been damaged during transport
  • You need additional equipment: e.g. seating furniture, refrigerators, tables
  • additional lighting is required
  • You need an additional or different screen
  • Your monitor has no mount or the wrong mount
  • You need beverage crates at your stand, but do not have time to do these errands yourself
  • You need trolleys because you constantly have to move material from A to B
  • You need a temporary storage facility where you can park material quickly and unbureaucratically
  • You run out of brochures in the middle of the event, but you still have three more days to go

Get in contact with us. Our event emergency service makes many problems quickly forgotten.

With a large pool of trade fair articles, a network of regional and nationwide suppliers in the field of trade fairs and events, we are happy to assist you in situations where quick action is required.

As a Hamburg-based company, we are able to cover the northern German region in particular. But we also do not leave the southern German area in the lurch. Just ask us.

Please understand that we cannot list prices here and have to treat each inquiry individually with its many possible variables. (e.g. rental period, type of delivery, possibly arising hourly expenditure, etc.).

We are looking forward to your inquiry and hope to find a solution for your situation together.

Your Ayble exhibition team

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